Friday, May 13, 2011

New Board of Directors

Starting a new school year brings about a lot of changes. One of these changes is a new board of directors for the SNA. Congratulations to all of those who have been elected. We'll all be looking forward to a great year.

President- Vincent Tan-Torres
Vice President- Gina Lizarraga
Secretary- Sarah Manning
Treasurer- Brooke Adam
Legislative Director- John James
Newsletter Correspondent- Dawn Morrison
Health & Human Services Correspondent- Elisabeth Pidwerbecki
Web Design Coordinator- Nick Strizver
National Informant- John Lyon
Recruiter- Holly Lovejoy
Community Health Project Coordinator- Lisa Blakeslee
Activities Director- Tyler Dean
Breakthrough to Nursing Director- Justin Constantino
Fundraising Coordinator- Kristy Kent

Email addresses for these positions can be found by clicking here or on the "Board of Directors" link above.