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"The JouRNey, our school of nursing newsletter, helps all students to stay informed of the various activities that individuals have participated in; additionally, it serves as a reminder for upcoming events. As the student body at the CSUSM School of Nursing continues to grow, it is imperative for students to have adequate means to stay up-to-date with news that pertains to them--news that is derived from local, national, and global occurrences. Finally, The JouRNey provides an ideal platform which all nursing students can utilize to voice their opinions or tell a story. Being able to share your individual experiences facilitates bonds and unions between different cohorts which would otherwise remain separated."
-William Manguil (2009-2010 Newsletter correspondent, Cohort 3)

I would just like to add to what Will has already stated, “This is OUR newsletter. It contains our voice, our stories and our jouRNey… May you be inspired and grow in knowledge, friendship and experience as you take your jouRNey and travel on the path to becoming a Registered Nurse. “ Please email me with your story ideas, any questions or news you would like to share.
-Dawn Morrison (2011-2012 Newsletter Correspondent, Cohort 5 BSN)

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the jouRNey Issue #1: October '11